CIS 3.8 v nod 32 v4

Hi I have found on my my machine a conflict between the two. If I open cis, erkn.exe uses 100% cpu everything hangs for minutes also on boot erkn is 100% cpu. I used to have boclean which would have a race with erkn on boot to see which one could use most cpu! Question is it ok for me to put CIS in nods exclude list same applies to boclean. Thanks

It should be safe yes. I would advise you to do it, so they can ignore each other :slight_smile:



since when I use NOD32 (now version 4), I always add other security applications (for example CIS) to the exclusion list of NOD32. So far I have not conflict between CIS and NOD32.

I also added CIS to NODS exclusion list. It stopped my slow logon from signon to desktop. Time went from about 30sec to 3 to 7.


For me my PC works great but browsing the internet on FF and IE8 is horrible. Lets say that opening a new tab in FF takes about 2 to 3 seconds. Whats up with that?

Comodo is excluded in NOD32 v4 but nothing is working. Help please.

eezdva. Can you start your own topic in Install / Setup / Configuration Help?