CIS 3.8 stops Windows loading

CIS 3.5 has been working without problems, but as soon as I update to CIS 3.8, Windows fails to load past the ‘Welcome’ screen.

When it is updated with the updater it works after updating, but at the next switch on, Windows stops at the ‘Welcome’ screen.

If CIS 3.5 is uninstalled and CIS 3.8 installed it stops at the ‘Welcome’ screen.

Any ideas anyone?

have you tried to boot it in safe mode and stop automatic startup entry of Comodo ?

Thanks Alexsis, I’ve got Norton GoBack installed and I’m not sure if that affects getting to safe mode, if I can what steps could I take next? Installing CIS 3.5 causes no problems.

Well, since I like Comodo alot I didint stop using Comodo when I got your problem (Oh yea I got your problem for like a year ago, I took D+ into training mode, then restarted normal and it worked.