And he means this also: ;D

6: Integration of Threat cast
7: over 1 million white listed applications
8: Integration of Comodo safe surf (uninstall old comodo safe surf…)
9: Maybe some more signed executables
10: a lot of bug fixes! ( at least I hope so… today I could not install current CIS on my brothers pc… pc could not boot anymore… :frowning: )

This will only happen after BO Clean is integrated. :slight_smile:

When BOClean gets implemented into CIS, then update the version number to 4.0

Plus revised AV Updating & Engine (Dramatic improvements), + Memory Firewall, + New network stack, etc… Next update when v3.8 goes final on Tuesday (fingers crossed) we will see Memory Scanner with BOClean functionality & hopefully CIMA like heuristics too. This is the next development activities.


64-bit version will run exactly like the 32-bit version ?
comparing versions 64 and 32 running on vista 64 and 32 will give the same result ?
and about this problem when u create some rule that u save and it takes ages to get the next alert, is it fixed?
i got this prob on any system with last comodo build,
if i dont save rules, it’s ok, next alert appears fast, i can tell when this prob appeared but it’s possible that it comes from the last build 3.5 439
i’m sure this slow rules saving then waiting like 10 sec or more to get the next alert was not there before, problem is i’m not sure about the build.
hope it will be some old prob on 10 feb, that’s very annoying cause u waste so many time if u want to save all alerts a prog is creating by defense+, maybe there’s the same prob with firewall alerts, i’m not sure 100% cause i got 1 FW alert as i got 10 or 20 alerts with D+ so with D+ it’s sure something was wrong but about the firewall i need lot of alerts at the same time to be sure.
i think the 10 february is a good day to remember wich security prog is really the boss on windows users market about the network protection,
i cant give any opinion about the AV as i allready got another and any scanner is the same to me, it can say what it wants, the file will always go to then loaded with D+ paranoid mode as it’s the most secure solution if u have no virtual OS to test files, virtual OS is certainly the best solution to protect your host OS from bad things but without virtual OS , then D+ in paranoid mode is far better than any scanner u trust (never trust your scanner with unknow file, the chances that your scanner would fail is too high to take the risk).
I hope comodo will rise again very high into the security world, what about getting the first place and dont even keep a doubt about this fact? :wink:
comodo coders rule.

Hey alief…

Hope you get the fixes when v3.8 is launched Tuesday. And I agree, 10th of Feb is a good day. And yes, Comodo Firewall proven it self to be one of the best Firewalls, Now it’s the AV’s turn, Melih was focused on the Firewall & got it to the top - He is now focused on the AV which now is in CIS obviously, and I think the AV will also be one of the best as well.

Let’s see how far Melih can push things… :slight_smile:


Sounds good guys. I will be patiently waiting on the new release to come out. (:NRD)

I can’t wait until CIS 3.8 arrives, going to be awesome! :BNC

Yep. Huge Usability…

CIS v3.8 is the turning point in Usability. It’s going to turn into, You get zero Alerts for all safe Applications, But for Example if an unknown malware runs that is NOT detected by AV, D+ will only Alert then. CIS v3.8 Beta 2 is already very quite… With ThreatCast it will get even quieter.

CIS 4.0 will be another big milestone.


god, 4.0 is coming!

Some day… :slight_smile:

“Fingers crossed” for Tuesday, that’s all we know, as far as I know. :-La

Probably not until much later this year. At a guess I’d say October, in time for the first anniversary.

IIRC 4.0 won’t come until after BOClean is integrated.

The 3.8 just gets released…

“when is next version coming”+?? (:LGH)

The v4 if that what they decide to call it will probably be released as beta soon…

Thats just a guess of mine and I base it on no facts whatsoever! (:HUG)

it was stated that cis would be the best av a year after it was released, so v4.0 should be here before then (perhaps summer?) with boclean intefrated i would assume & a new interface (rumoured?).

Comodo is working on a new interface.

When? on v4 you mean?

Wohoooo I have an early valentine date with COMODO on Feb 10th :ilovecomodo:

Where did all those rumours come from ?? 88)