Hello all, i like many other Comodo Fans, await with baited breath, for the new version 3.8 to be released, and wonder if its still on track for the 10th Feb, as i cant wait to try it out with the new features!!. When it is released will it be best to uninstall the previous version first or can you just install the new 3.8 version over the top?.Lastly which section of the forum will contain the link to download it… cant wait!!. :BNC :BNC :THNK

February 10th is still the expected date. :wink:
You will be able to use the internal CIS updater in CIS to update. A reinstall is always better, but not mandatory.

The release will be here. You’ll know when it’s out. :stuck_out_tongue:


WE’ll just have to be patient

I attempted to ask when 3.8 was due and I got this alert!

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hahahahah ;D Awesome Whoop ;D

Treat it as Installer or Updater :wink:

Very very amusing, Whoop.
Very imaginative.
You have time on your hands today, don’t you?

Pretty lol woop, and pretty good :slight_smile:


I liked to option to send Whoop to Comodo for Analysis.

that certainly breaks the tension.

haha, You aure are funny Whoop

What a sense of humour

Anyway, nice GUI :-TU


:-TU Whoop
That’s a good one. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the Mods would like to comment?

lol, if we knew more, we would’ve told you already :wink:


They are sworn to the same secrecy we are in the Usability Study. You know, ''Til Death do us part":slight_smile:

Hey guys. I am a little behind the times with Comodo as of late. Just came back recently and installed CIS but with the firewall and D+ only. I am very interested in this new version. Is there any info regarding what we can expect feature and improvement wise or some kind of list floating around?

2 KoRn :

  1. Less popups.
  2. Antivirus with heuristics (getting better by the day)
  3. Frequent Updates (maybe even hourly)
  4. Maybe even lower resourse usage
  5. Bug Fixes

It has been stated in another thread that hourly updates should start around mid-February. :comodo110:

I included that in one package for more hype lol ;D

:comodo110: (V) :comodorocks: