CIS 3.8 Defense plus blocking punk buster

Since I updated CIS to 3.8 i was unable to play COD4 because defense plus was blocking some punk buster files. I had to reinstall CIS comodo firewall without Defense plus. Anyone else getting this issue.

You could just set Defense+ in training mode temporarily whilst you run the game, so that Comodo learns the actions that the files take.

Then no more alerts for COD4 :slight_smile:

Located in /Windows/SysWow64 (under Vista) are two files, PnkBstrA and B. They may be located different in yours. Try adding them as Trusted. It may help.
Also disabling Ad-Aware may help.

popup or alerts are not the problem . It blocks punkbuster automatically with no popup or alert. It does not give me the opportunity to allow it. So every time i log on to play cod4 i get kicked by punk buster. I removed defense plus so i can play now.

My thought was the alerts are being hidden behind the game, therefore you are not able to see them. By manually marking them as trusted, no popup should happen (in the background) and you should be able to connect. You may wish to check the firewall rules for PunkBuster also.
This is as I say, just a thought. Worth looking into, at least.
When my games disappeared (blank screen) I didn’t see any popups either (they were hidden behind the game). Manually entering in the correct rule resolved the issue for me. I thought this might also be true for you.


this problem is everywhere!!!

But why don’t people find search resullt that I answered about the problem?

Read following link.

You can find a solution.

Read all of replies please.

CIS works good with Punkbuster.