CIS 3.8 antivirus defs stopped updating?

Congratulations on the 3.9 release… but have you forgotten your 3.8 users? I have a dozen machines running CIS 3.8.64 and 3.8.65, and they haven’t had any antivirus definition updates since May 8th. (I know because I have a script that monitors the files in the “scanners” directory.)

Yes, the plan is to gradually upgrade them to the 3.9 release once there’s been time to test it. But in the mean time these machines are vulnerable to all new threats?

That is why D+ is in CIS. ;D

please update, it has already been tested. Also it has been stated that definitions from now on will not happen for 3.8 versions. Comodo has changed the definitions and how they work with 3.9 so they are not compatible with older versions.

Come on now, just look at your bug reports, there’s over 20 issues reported already. I’m sure you’ve done lots of testing, but there are always unanticipated situations, and there are also situations where working well according to Comodo is not the same as working well according to me. (Such as quarantining all my VNC installations!!!) It’s not ready for my machines until it’s been tested to be compatible with the software running on those machines.

This happened with the 3.5 → 3.8 transition too. The story was that Comodo was changing the format of the virus definitions, and it was strongly implied it would be a one-time deal. Now I’m twice bitten and 5 times shy, and this is one reason why CIS, despite being a powerful program, is a pain in the tuckus.

Normal security program:
1 - Download & Install
2 - You’re protected!

1 - Download & Install
2 - Closely monitor the forums because at any moment your AV may stop updating!