CIS 3.8.65951.477 integrity problem

Hello to everyone :slight_smile:
I updated CIS to the latest version via the built-in updater and, after a reboot, I ran a diagnostic check to see if everything was working as it should. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The diagnostics utility found some problems and offered me the opportunity to fix them, sadly to no avail; it couldn’t fix them. (:SAD)
I decided to uninstall CIS and make a fresh install of the latest version. Since that time everything has been working OK.
I’ll send the log to egemen via a PM.

My configuration:

  1. 64bit
  2. Vista Home Premium 64bit SP1 (with all patches installed except two)
  3. Avira Free (on-demand), BOClean, Windows Defender, SafeSurf, CIS
  4. Firewall [at] Safe Mode (stealth my ports to everyone, protect arp cache, block gratuitous arp frames, block fragmented IP datagrams, do protocol analysis, do packet checksum verification)

Defense+ [at] Clean PC Mode (trust the applications digitally signed by TSV, block all the unknown requests when the application is closed, everything ticked in Monitor Settings, Image Execution Control Level [at] Normal, detect shellcode injections ticked)
8. Administrator account with UAC disabled


For what it’s worth, I Updated 471 to 477 with the built-in updater (as described here), and no problems are found by Diagnostics.

OS information: Microsoft Windows XP
OS version: 5.10.2600 Service Pack 3
Processor: x86 Family 6 Model 13 Stepping 6
Memory: 2,095,984 kb


Please disable “BLOCK All unknown applications when the application is closed option” and try again. It is probably blocking windows driver installation.


Well, as I wrote in my previous post I made a clean install of version .477 and everything is working fine; diagnostics utility cannot find any errors in my installation, which is great. :-TU

However when the utility was trying to fix the errors (before I did the clean install) I got a couple of pop-ups regarding driver installation (I can’t remember whether it was windows dirver or not; but it was a safe application), I allowed all of them. After a while I got an error from the diagnostics utility which couldn’t fix the problems and asked me if I wanted to save the log.