CIS 3.8.64739.471 WinXP reboot/login problem after update install

Weird problem with new update! I bet there will be many confudes people after they have installed this update. Got severall cases so far… this will keep me busy next few days I’m sure when all the ppl call me and ask for help.

So far this has happened on Windows XP Home versions with no password set for user account. Seems this happens if you don’t have password set for user account. At least haven’t yet heard about this problem on those machines u have to type password to be able to login to windows.
When rebooting after installation Windows asks for password to login to OS even its not set to do so. Obviosly there is no password to type so one cant login. Leaving the pw input area blank and hitting enter dont help either.

You have to start windows in Safe Mode and set password for account and then boot windows normally and type your new password. After that everything seems to work fine.

I think this is huge problem because most users dont know how to do this. Many ppl dont know anything about safe mode or even how to set password for their accounts if there isnt one. I would call this a bug or at least very big and annoying problem.

:cry: Yep, I experienced the exact same problem on windows xp pro, after updating it is possible to login just 1 more time, after that windows starts asking for a password which I do not have since I log in to windows without one. Setting a password after the update solves the problem, But I do not want to use a password for loging in into windows (in my home that would be silly and because to get round a password in windows is to easy (gladly in this case)). I restored my computer back to a restore point before the update. So now I can log in normally (without a password) and I do not have the comodo update. I click NO when it asks me to install the update and unselected the ‘check for automatic update’ setting in the comodo settings menu. I think this error is very sloppy and annoying. For the rest I’m very satisfied using the comodo firewall.

I wish SHazard all the best with helping ppl in the next few days :wink: