CIS 3.8.64739.471 Runtime Error

  1. 64bit
  2. Vista Home Premium 64bit SP1 (with all patches installed except two)
  3. Avira Free (on-demand), BOClean, Windows Defender, SafeSurf, CIS
  4. I was browsing the internet today when, suddenly, firefox froze. I lost my internet connection, so I clicked on the CIS icon in the taskbar and I was greeted by a window which you can see as an attachment. I pressed OK and another little window popped up which goes like this (I had to translate it):

cfp.exe - application error
In the application there was an unknown software exception (0x40000015) under the address: 0x40137667.
Press Ok to terminate this application.

  1. Restarting CIS works.
  2. Firewall [at] Safe Mode (stealth my ports to everyone, protect arp cache, block gratuitous arp frames, block fragmented IP datagrams, do protocol analysis, do packet checksum verification)
    Defense+ [at] Clean PC Mode (trust the applications digitally signed by TSV, block all the unknown requests when the application is closed, everything ticked in Monitor Settings, Image Execution Control Level [at] Normal, detect shellcode injections ticked)
  3. Administrator account with UAC disabled

[attachment deleted by admin]