CIS 3.8.64739.471 keeps offering update

OS: Vista 32

CIS Version 3.8.64739.471

Keeps offering updates but when asked to update tells that no updates are available.

I am reporting the same bug/glitch. when computer is first booted up it asks to update to the latest version when it is already installed. Also if you click on the miscellaneous->check for updates->start it also says an update is available, clicking on next after it takes a few seconds to check then says ‘there are no updates available.’

OS: Vista 32-bit
version: 3.8.64739.471

Had this same issue too in Vista. In fact I always seem to have similar issues after each Comodo update. The usual line is “remove & re-install” which does work. However, the problem is because the Vista UAC puts some files and routes calls for some files destined for C:\Program Files\COMODO into C:\Users<ACCOUNT>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\COMODO.

Please fix these issues.

In this particular case, the file “cfp.theme” located in the C:\Program Files\COMODO\Comodo Internet Security\Themes folder is newer than the one in the VirtualStore location, so needs copying over to overcome the problem.

I suspect it happens because the installer uses administrative privileges so can copy files into C:\Program Files, whereas the cfp.exe (Comodo program) file normally runs with standard privileges, so its calls are redirected to the old files in the VirtualStore. On my PC’s, only Comodo seems to be unable to handle this.

CIS 3.8.65951.477 update seems fine and doesn’t exhibit this behaviour, so I’m assuming it is now fixed.

No! I spoke too soon. 477 on my test machine is also giving false update reminders. Had to copy the theme file across as before.

I’m having the same problem with 477.

I have been experiencing the same issues with 471 and 477. Vista SP1 32-bit.

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