CIS 3.8.64263.468 bug with boot processes

I’ve installed CIS 3.8 (with antivirus and without safesurf) and everything went fine. I rebooted the computer after the installation and it was fine.
today I’ve turned it on: fine. about 2 hours ago, I’ve rebooted it and the D+ says that 0 applications are active. when I start firefox, ccleaner, etc. it says that 1 application(s) are active, 2 applications, etc.
it seems that it doesn’t recognize those processes that start with windows. it could be in safe mode, training mode…same bug.
since I updated CIS to 3.8, I’ve done this: imported the configuration from 3.5 and used it, then switched to Proactive Defense and deleted the “old” conf.
My specs are:
O.S: Vista 32bit SP1
Processor: AMD turion x2 64
Security programs: avira antivir without resident shield (I use antivir only to scan the computer), superantispyware free, malwarebytes antimalware free, BOclean.
The firewall is set to “Custom policy” and the D+ is in “safe mode” and sometimes in “training mode”.
BO protection is enabled, Image execution is set to “aggressive” and it checks executables.

tell me if I’ve missed to write something.
it’s not a major bug, because the computer works fine as always, but it’s a bit annoying. :-
thanks! you’re great! (:HUG)

In these 2 days the problem seems to have solved itself. :o
now CIS recognizes everything as usual. I left the D+ on training mode all saturday because, when I tried to boot my pc with D+ in safe mode, I always got an error message of the touchpad driver not loading correctly. in training mode this error hasn’t come up. saturday night I turned off the pc leaving D+ in safe mode. then sunday morning I turned it on and expected this error, but it didn’t happen!
I don’t know why… I left D+ in training mode all friday to let it learn the rules for my everyday applications, I turned off and restarted my computer more than once, then I switched to safe mode and I got the problem. I did this same thing all saturday long and now it’s perfect.