CIS 3.5.54375.427 - option to keep pop-ups until acknologed

Currently, all pop-up dialogs that ask for input time out in a maximum of 999 seconds. There should be an option to not time out (or it should be more obvious that, for instance, 0 does that). Specifically, if you have gone away for several hours, you still might need to see what was blocked or needs a rule made during that time.

I think a better idea would be to, instead of keeping a bunch of popups to sift through, break it down into an auditable list of allowed or denied actions that had occurred (Or, in the case of D+ Training Mode, which I’m concerned about, additions to rules). At least in my case, I would prefer to have such things logged -and- given the option to remove or edit rules and re-commit them.

This is true, and I’d like that as well. Perhaps the notify dialogs (no allow/block, but that some rule was created) colud be slimmed down to a log and one dialog that says
“New Rules Created” and you can click it to go to the log… And you have an option to keep on screen for X seconds, or until an OK or something is clicked.

If you check the logs anything that is blocked by the alert will show there.
As I have my computer running for some days this does happen after a fresh install of CIS, all you need to do is add the rule manually.