CIS 3.5.54375.427 32bit D+ CAS32.exe and BOC427.exe Not Recognised

I have only run CIS 3.5.54375.427 32bit for about 1 week on three machines, all XP SP2. I did not join the beta testers as I think my software experience is not good enough for this. However I think I may have spotted a couple of bugs (CIS by the way seems to work great has replaced another well known product) I submit the following not as a criticism but just to help make it better. :SMLR
CAS32.exe (Comodo antispam) is not recognised on all three machines and despite adding it as a trusted application CIS still queries on regular occasions if it should be allowed. I have not been able to simulate this condition except by removing it as a trusted app.
BOC427.exe (BoClean) again has had to be added as a trusted application to stop alerts, but it is still being LOGGED in the D+ logs as accessing memory to CIS “cfpsbmit.exe” and “cfp.exe” several times a day. Now this may not be a problem but I have always believed logs should be used to log unusual or detrimental events, I check mine regularly on a weekly basis to see if there is anything happening I do not want to happen. If the logs are saturated with normal running events as well it makes it difficult to spot detrimental or dangerous trends and activities.

Surely both these files generated by Comodo should be recognised by CIS and trusted automatically

Essential Info

  1. 32bit
  2. XP Pro SP2
  3. CIS ver427, Boclean 4.27, Anti spam CASS, Mem Firewall CMF2.0.4.20 and Vengine
  4. As noted above have not been able to deliberately reproduce
  5. Added as trusted app
  6. Standard install settings
  7. N/A
  8. Administrator

Meantime I have been following the development of CIS through the Forums, well done all, both the Development Teams and the Beta Testers so far looks like a great product and a good result for all the hard work :BNC