CIS 3.14 to CIS Version 4.0

Comodo Internet Security 4.0 is much softer and smoother than 3.14 but it still annoys me in a word of “FREE” and having a subscription status on it too. and hope CIS version v5.0 will have more brains of not inconvenience the PC user and having v 5.0 Comodo Free Edition without any annoying inconveniences. I’m less impressed. ??? >:(

let’s hope something better in the next versions … like malware database where you can search for the malware that has been detected by the CAV … < that’s something essential for every security vendor, but the word “free” , I don’t C your point . did you mean that you feel insecure with this word . ok try to close your eyes when you open the " about" window :stuck_out_tongue:

How can it be free? when it’s not a fully free functioning product…hello a stupid subscription status bar on it. and with annoying words like “ACTIVATE NOW”. I’m less impressed.

For the next version of Comodo Internet security (ver5.0) i would suggest making two separated version …a Fully function product without a word “Free” like Comodo Internet security 3.14 and being totally free from a subscription status and then a second product that is commerical based with “ACTIVATE NOW” and “SUBSCRIPTION” version of Comodo Internet security professional edition.

I disagree. I’m using Comodo tools since ages and the only thing what i have to do in EXCHANGE of these AWARD WINNING FREEWARE tools is to… what? Still almost nothing, i still don’t have to use Comodo shareware products, i still DON’T NEED to click anything at that subscription frame… I’m not forced. :ilovecomodo:

If you look around on the market you can see many software products which got FREE(ware…) releases as well as full - aka. PRO or called st. alike - products. Now, you can also see that in many cases free releases got limited functionalities, while the pro versions got all the features. Many times you got a reminder (e.g. you have used this software x times, consider upgrading to PRO version; etc.), you can’t see such things in CIS.

I wonder if you know what that subscription and the guarantee link is for? Have you checked CIS’s help file?

“when it’s not a fully free functioning product.” It is.

a) Freeware = Badware
b) Freeware = Goodware

I must admit I have not yet tried version 4 but wouldn’t that be exactly the point? I mean isn’t it the trend these days for free products have these on them since you will not be able to access all its features?

a) Freeware = Badware
b) Freeware = Goodware

Hi lostcause,

yet Comodo is still giving the same infos as they gave when they only had the simple Comodo Firewall and then later the Comodo Antivirus: they are giving you free firewall and antivirus software for ever ;).


free firewall and anti-virus software for ever…totally free we’ll soon see?

Leading question… :smiley: Do you have some corroboration for this? When you haven’t, we have noticed your skepticism.

I still can’t understand the point of this thread lol

I also enjoy the privilege of excellent protection free of charge,
but I am not stupid enough to despise the presence of “ACTIVATE NOW”.

I would not deactivate that option if I could.

After 4 years freedom from malware I am confident Comodo has and will continue to protect me free of charge,
but it is reassuring to know that if I or another user on this P.C. makes a mistake,
then Live Support is ready to activate should I need it.

I have no problem avoiding the ACTIVATE until I need it.

If you are so inconvenienced by this ACTIVATE it is surprising you have time to post on this forum,
I would have thought that you would spend most of your time on malware fighting forums,
getting their free assistance removing one infection after another because you cannot resist clicking pop-ups.


:P0l : removed unnecessary sentence. keep it cool guys O0