CIS 3.13.125662.579 on Win7 blocks all network connections over network bridge

sorry if this has been covered somewhere else but I could find it. basically when I install Comodo on windows 7 I can no longer make any network connections, my computer cant connect to my router, just comes up as unidentified network. I’ve tryed stealth ports wizard and nothing, I’ve looked at the firewall log and it doesn’t show anything, no blocked ports, nothing at all.
any help someone could give me would be much apreciated because I was using CIS on WinXP and would like to continue using it if possible.
Thanks in advance, Jo.

I have been CFP on windows 7 without problems. Have you tried to uninstall and use the cleaner? then re-install?

Hope this helps


it was installed on a clean win7 install.

What happens if you set the Firewall to Disabled and then try to troubleshoot problems from the tray icon(or re-boot)?

Is windows firewall off and is Comodo`s registered in Action centre?

32 or 64 Bit

Ive found on a clean win 7 install after first install you should get the Local Network connection #1 box but it doesnt register it until another re-boot.
What happens if you set yourself a static IP address (if possible)

I’ve tried setting it to disable without any change but I didn’t try resetting it with it on disable.
I tried disabling the windows firewall and windows defender without any effect and the action centre didn’t kick up any fuss when I did it.
I’m using a bridged connection atm as my mobo has dual Ethernet ports, its the same set-up as winxp but then this is windows so anything could be the problem and of course I have to bl**dy reset after every change so it takes forever to trouble shoot. so I’ll try resetting after disabling firewall, a static ip and removing the bridge when I get the chance. I was just hoping someone might know before I started trying things that shouldn’t actually affect it or at least didn’t in xp.

ok turns out it was the network bridge that was causing the problem, any ideas why, should I start a new thread or is renaming this one fine?