CIS 3.13.121240 Winamp, Yahoo Messenger, Adobe LiveCycle Designer crash

These programs worked perfectly before installing Comodo Internet Security 3.13.121240.

Winamp crashes as soon as it accesses the internet. Yahoo Messenger crashes randomly it seems and Adobe LiveCycle Designer crashed when it loaded an image into a document using a URI.

1.  Windows XP x86 32-bit w/ SP3
2.  Running apps:
            Kaspersky Internet Security 7
            Peer Guardian 2
            Code::Blocks IDE
                    GDB debugger
            Firefox portable 3.5
            Various encryption software
3.  Like I stated above.
4.  There is not much I can see to resolve it.
5.  Firewall is in Custom mode
     Defense+ was in Clean PC Mode as well as Disabled Mode
6.  I am running in an Administrator Account for Windows

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How can you run Comodo Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security at the same time?

Comodo and Kaspersky don’t seem to interfere with each other. I’m merely comparing the two. Once I feel satisfied with Comodo, I will uninstall Kaspersky. Right now, I have all of Kaspersky’s features disabled. You can enable and disable them at will.

I uninstalled Kaspersky and the problems remain as stated previously.