CIS 3.13.119746.572 Freezing Computer After Updating - [RESOLVED]

Hi, I updated CIS from previous version and my computer freezes and does nothing. I have gone through safe mode a few times uninstalling the new one and it works fine again but but new release is freezing my computer and it won’t let me do anything. Anyone else having this problem???

Same here. They are looking into it.;msg342647#msg342647

In the meantime, turn off “Scan memory on startup” under the CAV settings (you may have to do this in Safe mode). Keep in mind that any virus scanning will freeze the system. This will at least let your system run until a fix is found.

Yes, it’s working for me. Anytime a virus scan is done, it still freezes though. Turn off the memory scan before you update (if you choose to try it again).

Thanks for the advice. I am back to CIS 3.12.111745.560 and it works fine. I’d rather wait and have them fix the issue before updating.


Well I +1 on this!

And it’s not the first time…If it’s not a freezer then it’s something else when it’s time to update :stuck_out_tongue:

But Comodo usually find a solution. :-TU


I have the same problem it freezes after the first av update.I uninstalled av and I am just using the D+ for now. I hope they have a fix soon.

I’ve also had to uninstall av. Froze after update.

Same problem for me. I went back to 3.12. :-\

They have found the problem file (mach32.dll in the scanners folder) and are working on a fix. Please be patient, I’m sure they will release an update when they have tested it thoroughly. I’m currently running a patched version of mach32.dll and everything’s fine. I’m confident they will release the fix as soon as they’re sure it’s totally safe.

coming in a little late, but for what its worth …

AMD XP3000 on nVidia Nforce2
XP Pro - SP3
AVANT browser
COMODO, Malwarebytes, SpyBot

similar problem here too - fully boots, then locks when trying any app.
had to do a sys restore from safe mode, then it seems ok
oddly, COMODO still shows ver. 3.13.119746.572 (and wants to update) >:-D
also, encountered crypt32 error - Failed auto update retrieval of third-party root list sequence number

System Restore should only be used in dire emergencies. You should have uninstalled CIS in Safe Mode. If the update comes tomorrow, I would suggest a clean install.

So what’s the problem, exactly? What’s wrong with mach32.dll? Why are only AMD processors/chipsets affected?

Anyone have details? So far I’ve heard it’s the realtime scanner, and unchecking “Scan memory on start” fixes it, but… what exactly is the cause of the problem?

I worked with Egemen and a developer yesterday to locate the problem file. I don’t exactly know what is wrong with the file, but in simple terms, it doesn’t like some older AMD processors. He gave me a modified mach32.dll file to try and it’s been running fine since. It has something to do with the memory scanning. Turning the memory scanning off on startup will prevent the CAV scanner from running and permit the system to boot without freezing. If you run any AV scan, the system will freeze. I’m sure they are working hard to make sure everything is OK before they release a fix.

Interesting! Thanks, L.A.R. Grizzly.

It kind of makes sense, since I’m familiar with some of the architecture of the AMD processor line, and as I recall, there are some special protection mechanisms involving memory access, to inhibit malware. Maybe CIS is running afoul of those AMD mechanisms that guard memory accesses.

Since they’ve already provided you with a fixed file that works, I’m sure they’ll figure it out soon, and I’m really glad to hear they’re working on a final fix so I, having an AMD processor, can update soon to 3.13.

Thanks for the details!

Oh, and note to Comodo: testing on all major processor families should be a requirement before any new version release. How many processor families are there? Very few. It shouldn’t be hard to do.

It’s not all AMD processors. I have a Turion single core and I have been unaffected by the problem. As I understand it, it’s only older CPU’s that do not support SSE2 instructions.

I got a AMD Athlon 2800+ CPU. And Yes I am affected.

And I did also switch back to 3.12, but i will try out 3.13 once the fix update is available,
wich probably should be out tomorrow according to Egemen.


I have an Athlon64 system built in 2006, which Wikipedia seems to indicate has SSE2:

AMD added support for SSE2 with the introduction of their Opteron and Athlon 64 ranges of AMD64 64-bit CPUs in 2003.

So I guess I’d be fine, but I’ll still wait for the fix before I update.

i hope you’ll fix it soon … i have an old amd proc and i’m affected…

I disabled the AV scan memory after star and it’s ok now …


I just installed the last version 3.13…573 and this problem seems to be fixed.
Nice job.

great job : thanks :wink: :-TU