CIS 3.12 update to newer version

as new version has been released

when i clicked updater in CIS it started downloading updates and continued even after 60MB . at this point i cancelled the updater .

  • can i download the stand alone 3.12 version and use it to uodate 3.12 version or this new version uses new database and every thing new so that only updating from within cis is only possible.



The current version is 3.13. You can download it from here.
COMODO Internet Security 3.13.120417.573 Released!

However, the database itself if over 60MB, so you’ll need to let it download more than that…

This means, I have done a mistake!.
should I Reinstall and update 3.13 version again?. :o

-What I did, upon observing,that inbuilt updater in version 3.12 has downloaded appx. 60MB and is continuing.
I canceled the updates and downloaded the standalone 3.13 installer.

-On running 3.13 installer, it didn’t presented the option to upgrade existing 3.12 ,instead it presented Add/Remove wizard asking what you want to do.

-I removed the preveous 3.12 version and copied the bases.cav from this version

-Installed the 3.13 version and copied the bases.cav into scanner folder.

Does that mean My CIS installation is corrupt as bases.cav (from 3.12 ver) was over 106MB ?




No, it’s probably not corrupt, the virus database is huge. That is why I said you’ll need to let the upgrade go for more than 60MB.