CIS 3.11.108364.552 fresh install on 64 bit vista FAILED TO UPDATE THE VIRUS SIG

I am a brand new user to comodo firewall & antivirus. I installed an older version offered on the main comodo website. I kept getting errors “failed to update the virus signature” and double check my internet connection. My internet is working FINE. So I checked your forum, and they said there was a new release of the software, and to install it (CIS 3.11.108364.552). So I uninstalled the older version, reboot, then downloaded the new version, installed it/reboot. I STILL get the same error when I try to get the latest virus updates! I even tried uninstalling/rebooting/fresh download twice with the same effect. HELP!

Your report is the second one I see. May be problem with the AV update servers? Try again later.

Can you tell me what other security programs you have running in the background?

One problem I have is if my internet hiccups (access goes down for a second or two) the av defs download will fail. This is quite a problem because the download is so big. Comodo needs to implement a method to be able to continue an interrupted download, or at least not fail because internet access dies for a few seconds.

I have a brand new computer. The only security software I have downloaded is comodo… I will try AGAIN to uninstall and reinstall. But I doubt that that is the problem, as I have DSL that is very stable. But I will try and report back.

OK, I uninstalled comodo, did a fresh download of …552 install, installed it, reboot, and it still will not update the virus signatures.

When I did an install, I installed both the AV and firewall.
I did NOT install the live support, threat community, toolbars, or any other optional components.

Note: I tried with the Windows Firewall up, and again with it down. In both cases, the virus signatures will not update.

Please help!

Are you using a proxy server? Is your Internet Explorer set to work off line?

I am not using a proxy server. I use DSL, which is always connected. I did not change any settings from the manufacturer regarding working offline. I checked and the internet is active (I can use the internet just fine, even during the update process. It downloads 30%, and then dies.

The initial update process of the AV takes (quite) a while. During the process it will stay at 30% for a while. Just be patient and let it do its thing.

Hi. I just went through “Failed to update-- check connection or try again later” hell. For my case, I had the old CIS version. Once I updated, it was fine. I would try to uninstall CIS and run the cleaner here:

Then reinstall. You might have traces of the old version. Just a thought. And yes, the 30% hang is common and you should wait it out. But if it fails, that’s another story…

When I get 30%, it doesn’t keep going…it aborts with the message ‘failed to update virus signatures’

I guess I will uninstall AGAIN, and try the cleaner, and try installing again. SIGH this is getting repetitive!

OK… i uninstalled comodo, reboot, downloaded the cis cleanup tool, ran it, reboot, reinstalled comodo, and it STILL will not update the virus signatures.

gspeer. I had some issues with the initial update as well. I have zipped the contents of \comodo\COMODO Internet Security\scanners and uploaded to:

File names are and CISscanner.z01. Used Winzip12.

If you so wish, download these and extract to the scanners folder. It should count as an update.

Please consider all security issues before you use these files. I can promise they were genuine and clean when I uploaded them.

I think it would be great if Comodo was providing a link to a standalone update. This way when installing CIS on multiple PC’s, a single download would be necessary.


I assume that you are using Windows, if so then check that the Windows Firewall is switched off as sometimes Comodo doesn’t always do it on install.

Don’t think this is not an update issue nor Anti-virus.

This happens when install location of comodo is bad or linked by any means. Even NTFS Dynamic linking will fail or install to any other drive than C:.

As I mentioned earlier in this topic stream. I tried both with the windows firewall up, and again with it down. and it still won’t update the virus signatures.

bulgroz… you don’t really say what is in these zipped files. do i really need both? is there an order in which I run them? i tried to unzip the .z01 file, and I kept getting an error that the folder was empty (but the size of the .z01 was not zero… you say to download into the scanners folder. which one is that? this is my first time using comodo… I admit I am a bit nervous using these files, circumventing the software (when the company comodo didn’t create the files…)

You only need the bases.cav file. You need to temporarily disable D+ to be able to copy the new bases.cav to your scanner folder. Disabling is easiest done with a right click on the CIS icon in the systray and going to Defense + Security Level.

I have the same problem with the “Failed to update the virus signature database”
My system is XP, Comodo is my only Firewall/AV software, Windows Firewall is set to OFF, and I do not use Internet Explorer (though I cannot seem to purge it from my computer >:().

Should I post a separate thread or just keep watching this thread?


Try the suggestions and when they don’t work start your own topic would be the best. I assume you are using a 32 bits version of XP; where topic starter is using 64 bits Vista. This may lead to needless confusion.This way we also prevent the situation where two lines of troubleshooting confuse the topic.

gspeer. You need to download both files. I have zipped using winzip 12 and I had to split the archive due to the upload site restrictions.

Place both files in the same folder and open the .zip. Winzip will understand that it is a split archive.


i have the same issue unintalling and re installing does nothing. i have looked at the settings-connection- and update host i have a website there., but when i go to that link it shows the dreaded 404 error. any help on this i think this may be the problem?