CIS 3.10 : Parental control - Impossible to activate the alerts suppression

I was using the parental control with CIS 3.9 and activated the suppression of the alerts.
Beefore the installation of CIS 3.10 I turned off the suppression of alerts.
I installed CIS 3.10 and now I can’t reactivated hen.
When I reactivated hen and when I go back in the parental control they are still off !

I had a similar problem yesterday. I thought it was because I was using “fast user switching”. Once I was logged in normally I could set it correctly.

This was on Vista SP2 32bit.

I also find this bug.

Hi Guys

Please read here:


Here’s how you can overcome this problem:

First remove your current password.

Check all three boxes in Parental Control tab.

Now proceed to set your new password.

A clean install will fix the problem.

Clean install here, but the problem remains!

3.11 and the problem remains…

Is it difficult to fix that?