CIS 3.10 & 4.0


The wait is killing me, really I cannot wait any longer.

Peace. :cry:

…eagerly waiting :THNK

Come on now, just release the new version, Im going crazy here!!! :o

Me too… and everyone else here I suppose…

Dudes just give us a full version number. That’s all. One piece of info. :slight_smile:

That would work with me. May we should try to guess what the end number will be. I say .515

I’m curious too :wink:
Please download and include latest Estonian language file. It brings huge bugfix :wink:

3.10.???.515 you say? Good. Just one more number and I can get the final version before anyone else. :stuck_out_tongue:

I already have every thing set up ;D, form Computer Generated Fireworks and music. to a bunch of malware waiting to be tested against CIS 3.10

lol 42 users online, every one is watching the forums for the release.

I can’t wait to try it myself. :wink:

I hope they improve the x64 HIPS.

I thought i should do this, so we can compair the size of the DB of 3.9 vs 3.10

Latest Database Version: 1538
Release Date (all times GMT): 2-Jul-2009 03:15:26
Number of Definitions Added Today: 2357
Total Definitions: 5498384

Size: 98,702,040 bytes

I hope in 3.10 malware database will be a lot smaller… allmost 100mb… Cmon guys! I can’t wait.

BTW thanks for the gift Melih :), postcard is also nice :-TU

3.10 is OUT! ;D

I’m downloading an upgrade via the integrated program updater. No betatest of 3.10?


Yep :slight_smile:

Now Im sad the updater says no updates avalable. ;D

Yes where?

The built in updater.

Yes there is no beta for 3.10

I’m getting error 113 while downloading though. Says my Internet keeps disconnecting. ???