CIS 3.10 & 4.0

In as much that CIS seems quite solid as it is currently I’m really looking forward to 3.10 in the next few days and hopefully V4.0 by this fall somewhere in October as many fellow forum users I’d expect. Do these expectations sound reasonable & feasible?
Keep up the great work Comodo! :-TU
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3.10 Comes out tommorrow
CTM will still have to be made, this will come out after 3.10 then V.4 Beta will come out latter down the year.

Hi OmeletGuy, hope V4.0 arrives before my 51st birthday Jan 16/2010 :smiley: I got 3.9 on my 50th :wink:
BTW just got back from grocery shopping (Canada day, here in Montreal) bought some eggs, need any? :smiley:
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No i got enough for Canada day also. lol if 4.0 it came out on Christmas day, it would be the best present Comodo could give!

Shhhhh, don’t give them any twisted ideas ;D
Happy Canada Day :-TU
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Great :slight_smile:
But… Where do you know it from? ???;msg303841#msg303841

What about family signature database? If I’m not mistaken, FS were planned in the next release of CIS(but sooner than 4)

Comming with 3.10.

Hi Breen, it is a head scratcher isn’t it though :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: ???
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Great :), so signature database will “shrink” to let’s say 2 mln sigs? Will see…tomorrow


OmeletGuy= Egg head ;D, in OmeletGuy we trust! You better be on for this one else wise you’re scrambled egg from tomorrow on :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :o
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Hey im just saying what EricJH said. If there are no problems its out tommorrow.

LOL im not a egg head, sure i love omelets. ;D

Buahaha ;D

All kidding aside you’re a good egg OmeletGuy, hope EricJH is reading this thread, it’s his hide now :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Fellow Canadian :-TU
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Well im hoping for a lot of Generic Signatures to be added. I want to see my Daily Malware submitions srink. ;D

Is there a link that will show what is fixed and what is new in 3.10? Or will this info be released tomorrow when 3.10 is released?

3.10 will not include updated language files? The latest Swedish language files have not been downloaded. ???

Looking forward to this and I hope 3.10 will reduce FPs in the AV :slight_smile:

So it’s due today then?