Cis 2013 Bsod on windows 8.1

I have used Cis 2013 and been very pleased with it suddenley it started giving me bsod on my computer.
System restore did not help. Was forced to a new install and as soon as i installed Cis 2013 i got bsod again.
This time a system restore helped and i have now installed another antivirus.

I want to use Cis 2013 but i am afraid installing it again…
Anybody else with this issue…

This is a bu. The most effective approach is to create a full bug report in this section of the forum.

Be sure to put it in the format provided in this post. Just copy and paste the code, and put your answers after each colon.

Also, be sure to set your computer to make full dumps. Then, upload the full dump file to a file sharing site, such as this one and paste the download link in your report. Also be sure to attach the required files as well.

Once this is done I can forward the report to the developers.

Thank you.