CIS 2012 or better CIS Briliant

Hi guys. Looks like the new CIS will be released soon, so I propose to begin to express thoughts about the next version. Only to express thoughts that will be useful in the development of Сomodo and their ideologies of development - protection without user , avoid posting personal requests in this topic, please.

Once I had suggested, I first and start.

I think Comodo can create a behavioral firewall, because if the system would still be compromised by attacking the new programs or improper actions of the user, then the leak can be stopped automatically.

1.Firevall should compare the treatment to the CIS, the first stage, and only when he trained - with the appearance of unnecessary appeals, he will block them (this would be the automatic rezhimeme, not as competitors when the trusted network) ,posle that when the network will meet, every movement will be blocked - etwork will learn itself, there’s no need to spend human remursy spend… first phinkinig firewall…
more do not want to say that the competitors would not have the idea…
2. I think the fact that the proposed Languy99 - change the architecture and make it scalable.

Guys do not hesitate to express their suggestions - only global, which could form the basis of the project …


I’m not sure what kind of wishes you wanted posted in this topic, but here’s a few I think will fit.

Integrate behavioral analyzer and Sandbox

Add Boot-Time Scan Capability

Add ability to deselect vendors from the trusted list
This one is more difficult now that the vendors list is in the cloud, but I still think it’s doable.

Add Ability For Threatcast to Inform User a File Is Probably Safe

Let me know what you think of my ideas and if they’re the type you wanted posted here.


There will be a local behavioural scanner integrated from what I’ve read,no doubt it’ll be closely allied with the sandbox. :wink: