CIS 2012 Client Doesn't Automatically Start at Boot

I just “rebuilt” an old machine to use as a network file server to store backups from other machines, MP3s, and the like. It’s running XP SP3 and, of course, CIS. When I boot the machine, the CIS client doesn’t start. The behavior is:

  • Boot machine
  • CMDAGENT.EXE starts as a service
  • CFP.EXE (the client) does NOT start automatically.

Because the client (CFP.EXE) doesn’t start, there’s no icon in the system tray to right-click on to do stuff. I must manually start the client.

I could toss the thing into the Windows Start folder but this leaves the client open on the screen after boot.

I’ve been using CIS for several years now on a number of machines and, to date, have never seen this happen. I can’t find anything on the forums on the web-at-large explaining/solving the issue.

Any ideas?


What OS are you running? what version of cis are you running?

Sorry…meant to include the CIS version number. It’s 5.12.256249.2599

OS, as indicated in original post, is XP SP3.

Try running the diagnostics under the more tab and see if finds any problems. Also are u running any other security apps?

Oops…forgot to drop this back to you.

I ran the diagnostics. They said there were some problems, I opted for the autofix, they said they done did 'em, and after a reboot, the client still didn’t start.

As to your second question, no–no other security software is running on the box. CIS is it. And I checked–MS Essentials didn’t get installed when I wasn’t looking and the Windows Firewall is off.

Next idea? :slight_smile:

And thanks for your help–flippancy on my part aside, I appreciate it.

I would try a clean install following this guide if this doesnt help it may be a bug.

Did the clean install as suggested. The client started at boot, so that problem seems, for the moment, to be solved.

A quick side question: When I did the original install, I axed GeekBudd and Dragon, neither of which I will ever use and neither of which I particularly want on my system. Can these be uninstalled without affecting CIS in general? Or could the deinstallation of these previously have caused my client start-up problems?

Thanks again!

You should be able to uninstall GeekBuddy and Dragon (via the standard Windows Add/ Remove links) without there being any problems with CIS. Using other Uninstall methods (Revo Uninstaller, etc.) is anyone’s guess though …


Geekbuddy and dragon are separate applications so removing them will not harm CIS.