CIS 2011 (CIS 5.0) ** SNEAK PEEK ***

Hey all, we mods got lucky enough to grab a sneak peek at the 2011 version of CIS. So I made a video of for everyone to view. I’m sure another mod will come with tons of pictures, soon. Enjoy everyone. ;D

*** NOW IN HD 720P ***


Waiting for the youtube to process the video. Just always thanks and keep up with the good work lan ;).

The new GUI looks more interesting and makes it look more like a commercial product. I think that’s a good thing for Comodo, given it’s completely free.

Just like ssj said, but only one thing the BB module will still be inserted in CIS 2011?

I also see that now we can see what is currently running on the sandbox(which is cool).

As I said in the video, we cannot talk about details right now. All I can say is there are major internal changes.

Isn’t it for beta testers yet?

nope. sorry.

This is an early beta of an alpha, so many features are not yet implemented. The Beta version will be released when it is ready (even we do not know that time frame).

Well, CIS has a high priority in Comodo development as I can see. And I agree.
The development of other products that I’m beta testing goes very slow…
I hope none of them will become a defunct one and I’m losing time testing.
My fears is that they enter in this forum… Comodo Forum

Sexy :smiley:

Can’t wait for it to come out, put me up for Beta testing when it becomes one :-TU :P0l

I love the Game Mode! :slight_smile:

Sexy GUI just like Comodo Back Up 3.0, System Cleaner 3.0 etc! :-TU


There will be Cloud AV and more importantly Cloud Behaviour Blocking built into CIS 2011 (hopefully the first version)…


The Cloud AV sounds like a very good concept to go with the current features of CIS (as opposed to the current AV).

Yes its going to be an excellent addition. Not only will you have the latest and greatest signatures from servers, but in the minor versions after CIS 5 is launched, you will have the option to basically not have to download AV signatures etc… cause its all in the cloud already :wink:

and the very first time: Cloud Behavior Blocking ! :)…an unknown file will be executed for you in our servers and its behavior analysed before you execute it!


What sort of time are we talking about for stuff to be analysed in the cloud,minutes?

its Camas that will be doing the work…we have expanded the h/w infrastructure…so its seconds/minutes at worst…


We will still need a signature database for those machines without Internet access! I hope they don’t do away with it completely!

Users will have the option to use use sigs or cloud sigs and be able to switch between the two. :-TU

That’s good to read,you know how impatient users are in this modern world.