CIS 2 years today!

Happy Birthday! :smiley: (V) :■■■■

Remember? COMODO Internet Security 3.5.53896.424 Released! ;D 8)

Wow! It seems like it was yesterday :).
Happy birthday CIS!

Happy birthday! So much achievement, so much work, so many users… :-TU
:comodomarryme: (V)

Yes, there is never a dull moment if you test Comodo programs as a hobby. There is always something new happening to take an interest in.

Happy Birthday CIS and many more!

Two years? :o Time surely flies… :smiley:

Happy birthday CIS… :■■■■ (:NRD)

Dang, this kid is growing fast ! My avatar hint… ;D Soon will burn all the malware with his fire breath !

Happy Birthday, all the best :smiley:

Nice! Keep going Comodo. CIS is the best.


Happy Birthday to all members of Comodo Intelligence! :■■■■ :ilovecomodo:

Congratulations and well done to Comodo and CIS development team. 2 years is still quite young, but you have made CIS a mature high quality product in that time. Great achievement. Kind regards


happy birthday ;D

:ilovecomodo: :comodosavedmylife: :comodorocks:

Happy Birthday Comodo! :-TU :-TU :-TU

Mmmmmmm… birthday beers!! :■■■■

Congrats to the dev team and to the community. :-TU

Happy Birthday CIS

Happy Birthday CIS, pioneer of the next-generation security !!! :P0l :P0l :P0l :P0l

It’s improve a lot. ;D

Happy Birthday CIS!

Lets have a proper birthday picture ;D

Yes and so much has been achieved in only two years.

Keep it up Comodo team.