CIS 11 & Win 7?

I tried the prior version of CIS on my Win 7 machine months ago and had some issues with the program during a scan. About half way through the scan the software would lock up, stop scanning. Ended up having to delete CIS and use Avast Pro. I really have loved the Comodo firewall and was wondering if the newer version of CIS has had any of these sort of issue with locking up during scans on Win 7 Machines running the 64 bit version of Win 7? I’d love to use the software but want to make sure it will run smooth without this sort of glitch?


Not sure if this is an answer, but it may be relevant.

I have CIS 5…1135 installed and running on My Win 7 X64. It has never given me a moment of trouble.
It is quiet and light. I would not be protected with anything else.


Running CIS v5 here on Win 7 x86 with no problems. V5 does a better job with crashing while scanning compared to v4. But it still sometimes occurs though. A bug report would always be appreciated but since you uninstalled the AV (or the complete CIS) that would be too much to ask of course.

I would suggest to use Comodo for the firewall and stick with Avast AV as Avast AV seems to work better for your. The Comodo firewall is hard to beat.

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Make sure that you have installed the 64bit version and that one AV has realtime protection on and one firewall active. Here is a link if you want to download it again.

Sometimes it helps to reinstall a software. Clean all the registries with CSC (comodo system cleaner) or other that are in the same field as CSC before you install CIS 2011 again.

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Since you have a 64bit OS it would be wise to have 5Gb ram or more (8Gb is maximum); 32bit-OS can handle 4Gb and needs only 1Gb as minimum (then 3Gb are for other things), compared to 64bit that needs 2Gb as minimum (then 2Gb are for other things). And lets not forget that software not all software supports 64bit OS

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I think this is a good idea. I have not had a single issue as of yet with the Avast. No crashes during scanning so I will probably stay with it till I’m more comfortable with the CIS. I do think the Comodo product is improving and feel that it’s multiple layers make it a real good AV product.