CIS 11 Shuts down my computer before finishing a full scan.


I’m running Windows 10 Pro and have upgraded from CIS 10 to 11. Before yesterday, CIS was running my scheduled daily scan just fine. Yesterday, I got home from work and my computer was shut down completely. I tried to run a scan, and CIS shut the computer down before it finished scanning the C drive. Upgraded to CIS 11 yesterday, same thing happened. However, when I manually scanned each partition of my drives, it worked just fine. Did not find anything. I don’t have the box checked for CIS to shut my system down, so I’m at a loss. Any ideas?



From your description, it sounds like your CPU is overheating. Alternatively, check if a memory dump was generated (BSOD).

I believe that, as my grandfather always used to say, you hit the nail on the head. Went to work with the canned air, and then ran a complete full scan.

Note to self: Check the simple things first,

Thank you qmarius.