CIS 11 causing new devices installation fail


I was using Comdo Internet Security 10 Premium for about 1 year and a half without issues , but few days ago i did a fresh installation of Windows and i installed CIS again , but this time i got V 11, since that i started to have problems with flash drives, every time i connect a new one it fails to install, windows trys to search the driver for few minutes then report installation fail, it happened with 3 flash drives , and also with my laptop integrated camera.
After doing a system restore to the time before installing CIS, the camera and all flash drives got installed with no issues.
So i’m sure CIS was causing the problem, i believe it’s some kind of system protection implemented in V 11

More details

OS : Windows 7 SP 1 32 bit ( Fresh with no updates)

Comodo Version: last time i reproduced the problem was few hours ago , so it’s the latest version.

CIS configuration: Default.

CIS components installed: All except Dragon browser and Secure shopping.

Other security tools installed on my computer: nothing, even system integrated ones were disabled (Windows defender, Windows Firewall)

I want to add that i did a fresh install of windows 3 times in the last 7 days, all because of this issue , the problem repeated itself again and again until i figured out the causing software. i hope data protection behavior of the program changes when HIPS is turned off , because i noticed that CIS trys to protect some software from changes ( like internet browsers) even if the user has never turned HIPS on !! ( i get a notification asking if i want to validate the browser changes for example), but in the case of the reported issue there is no notifications from Comodo sadly.

How to reproduce

1-Install a fresh windows 7 ultimate SP 1 32 bit on a machine.
2- Install the latest version of CIS.
3-Reboot when CIS ask you for that.
3-Connect an usb flash drive to the machine.

Hi Alphax5,

Thanks for reporting the issue.
Can you please your Inbox for Private Message(PM) and provide the requested logs.

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Thanks @PremJK

i just did now.

Finally the flash drives could install the drivers and connect correctly after terminating “cavwp.exe” process using Process Hacker.

I believe it’s Comodo scanning process, but i still don’t know why it interfered with the drivers installation :frowning:

But the important is that i found a workaround :smiley:

u can temporary disable all comodos components for device install process terminating can cause errors maybe