CIS keeps unrecognized system file bug

Comodo Internet Security still does not recognize system files. When will this problem be solved?

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edge not run in auto-containment. What files not recognize?

Hi liosant,

I’m sorry, but impossible to remember at all, because there are many, many system files in this situation!
This is being annoying and has been happening for many months without solution.

is this a known bug ? in the file list windows system files seem unrecognized time to time and other apps if you wanna ı can attach screenshots and you can look for furthers details in malwaretips forum this discussed since latest version released

It’s a visual bug only, which has been fixed in the latest Beta versions

Hi Ploget,

I complained about this bug a few months ago and got the same answer. My question is, when will this problem be solved?

The only answer is, when they have completed and released the next RC or Final version.