CIS 10 Windows 10 build 15031 - no text on desktop

I’ve just installed CIS 10 on a Windows 10 64-bit machine running build 15031. When I reboot there is no text on any standard application window or the desktop itself. Fortunately the main Windows Settings are still readable and can be used to uninstall CIS. I did a complete uninstall as my previous install was over a version 8 install but even after this still no joy. I’ve had to remove CIS completely to be able to use the machine. As yet I don’t know if it’s this specific build of Windows 10.

I am intrigued that somebody from the forum team has moved this post to the Configuration Help section. How can no text on the desktop be a configuration issue?

Apologies, didn’t notice that the section included Install and Setup, only read the last part

I am experiencing the same issue with freaked out UI and missing text in explorer also desktop…

For info:

Thanks a lot.