CIS 10 update could not start

Two days ago I received an update message, clicked update, and the update stayed at 46% for an hour or more. I had to reboot system, Win 7, and got a comodo could not start message. I ran the diagnostic tool and was told there was an error that could not be fixed. I tried to uninstall comodo and it as well appeared to hang up. I had to reboot system again. So, luckily I had made a recovery point thirty minutes before all of this happened and did a system recovery. Now this is where the issue really started. I had to restart transparency services in the windows manager services. I then checked comodo and it says it is up to date. No more problems until I received some windows updates. I had a system crash dump and after windows loaded I received another comodo couldn’t start message. I ran the diagnostic tool and it said there was an error that could not be fixed automatically. I made a report and clicked on comodo to see if it would run. Comodo loaded and is up to date. I am adding screenshots of report and of what appears to be a configuration issue.

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Comodo Security Agent could not be started. [Merged topics]

You cant remove an active configuration, you have to change to another config to remove “Updated Old Config”.

This is what i would do to minimize any possible problem (if i had this problem) if the workaround dosent work,.
0. Restore to your Working Restore point

  1. Remove CIS and other COMODO Security program, Internet security essential and COMODO secure shopping, (if you have them)
  2. Reboot
  3. Create another restore point (name: No CIS b4 Windows update)
  4. update your windows
  5. Reboot
  6. Create another restore point (name: No CIS after Windows update)
  7. Clean install of CIS

DISCLAIMER: This setup does not carry Beta or RC tag. This has been tested by Star Group and feedback has been good. So please try at your own risk. Also additional components are not available i.e. CCE/killswitch, rescue disk, and secure shopping.
We will be aiming to make release next week. So any feedback on fix or new problems is very much appreciated.