CIS 10 is painstakingly difficult to administrate when it blocks trusted program

For one thing, Comodo still has not added many vendors to the trusted vendor list.

Software like printer control software, and Realtek audio codec drivers are not in the trusted vendors list.

I have been using a Brother laser printer for a few years now and the software’s control panel (BrCcBoot.exe) “ControlCenter Launcher” is still not in the safe list despite numerous submissions to Comodo. (Don’t bother moving this thread to one of the subforums. Comodo has had PLENTY of chances to add these manufacturer’s to the trusted vendor’s list and I can’t POSSIBLY be the only one in the world running a Brother laser printer. I also can’t POSSIBLY be the only one in the world updates their sound card drivers only to be alerted that the driver is not in the safe vendor’s list. Realtek. Seriously?)

This wouldn’t be that much of a problem if Comodo made it easier to administrate the program. Like why can’t a window pop up asking me if I want to allow an unknown program to run? Why must I have to go into the program and find the program in the unrecognized files list and manually add it to the trusted list or unblock it? Why is Comodo making this so difficult and convoluted for us to do?

Hi aweir14150,
Sorry to know that.
Can you please provide sha-1 of file and we can look into it?


The files should be submitted in the White list submission for 2017 forum instead. This post is just for feedback purposes. Sometimes Comodo blocks a file, THEN does a file lookup and finds it as safe. Then the user has to execute it a second time for it to run. Why can’t Comodo just hold the file in standby, do a lookup, then continue or block? Like I stated, the way Comodo does things makes it difficult to use …having to open the program interface way too often.

Also the file I am trying to submit (The Realtek audio codec driver) is too large. I am getting a Failed (0x800700df) The file size exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved when i attempt to submit it and it is shown as unrecognized in the File List.

Sorry to disappoint you, but RealTek is listed in the Trusted Vendors…

I too have a Realtek on-board sound card and I have never had issues with installing the newest drivers when they become available, however I always downloaded the zip archive instead of the single executable. Also note that the executable you are referring to is not digitally signed by Realtek and I’m not sure if Realtek had in the past for the executable only installer. If they did then its on them for not signing it for this newest driver release.