CIS 10 and problems with emule it DISAPPEAR from processes...

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Hi, There is something really strange about this new version… i was usually using with old version of comodo without any troubles at all but right now something is going wrong again… i just set some rules for emule 2p2 network and i just mark the software when ask me but i noticed that the firewall still block emule and will be at list of active processes only when the firewall is disabled when i set custom IT DISAPPEAR and appear blocked!!! it’s like a ping pong game really upsetting >:( >:( >:( >:( the little that i get downloaded it disappeared from the list and i cant bring back.

and even i got a low id…

please what can i do?

thanks kind regards.

This should help you out:;msg851167;topicseen#msg851167

thanks but nothing happens. comodo 10 sucks. it’s s**t. :-TD