CIS 10 and games

Apparently CIS 10 doesn’t like games since 1st time after upgrading to CIS 10 from 9 and started (tried to start) Need for speed Hot Pursuit 2 (bought long ago and only change is no-cd exe sice MS blocks game’s old drms) all I got was black screen before I managed to answer to CIS’s question about allowing game to access to what it needs to be able to run and resrt was needed to be able to use computer again and after reboot and changing game’s exe from unregocnized to trusted I was able to run it and today same happened AGAIN on different game (bought from humble bumble so totally legit game and no drm). Both games worked w/o problems in CIS 9 (in Win 7 and Win 10) w/o adding those to trusted files manually so CIS 10 is being pain in bottom when it comes to games (other softwares work just fine. Only change to default CIS 10 settings is theme’s change since can’t imagine any1 who would use default theme.

Off topic: after forced reboot I opened CIS and noticed that it had 19 hrs old database and I have used comp alot during those 19 hrs.

Hi cuser,

We would need the blocked files or at least the sha1 values to verify our database. Please send a PM with details if possible.


you got mail.

not a issue if games would run in window but those run in fullscreen and can’t get to desktop via windows button on keyboard.

some other games which probably get blocked (unregocnized) are here Spiderweb Games


Both submitted files had safe signatures in our database but both were cloud based, therefore, as to avoid any cloud lookup issues, we have also pushed them to client side db. Expect reflection later today for this. As for Spiderweb Games, we’ll also process those as soon as posible.


Funny is that there is no warning that *.exe is moved to blocked…

Just some info that youre trying run file from block list would be fine.

well they aren’t blocked or unregocnized or restricted until 1st attempt to run if those pass initial scan if on access scan is selected.

ace player (modded vlc) didn’t raise any questions in CIS 10 when it ace was launched and that program acts as server when streaming media from net.

The default settings are to not show alerts. You need to change the settings to get alerts.

Is ace player a trusted program? Can you check in File List?

yes all 3 ace’s executables are in trusted files.

With default settings you won’t be alerted and outgoing traffic will be allowed. Incoming traffic should not be allowed.