CIS 10.2.6566 and comodo secure shopping

I have windows 10 CIS 10.2 and just installed comodo secure shopping. I also have comodo dome shield installed.

when I installed comodo secure shopping I wanted to configure it in CIS but when when to settings, advance protection, I did not find the "secure shopping " option. But when I went to “Tasks” I saw "Secure Shopping " and I tried to click on it but nothing happened. I would like to know is this correct. Is there anyway I can configure it. I download the help guide for this but, as I stated before when I click on secure shopping in CIS tasks nothing happens.

Thanks for your response

Can you explain what you mean for dome shield being installed? Do you have the roaming agent installed or did you just change your systems dns server settings to point to dome shield IP addresses? Did you reboot after installing secure shopping? Is the secure shopping shortcut located on your desktop and does it open when you open the shortcut if it exists?

I Comodo Dome Shield - roaming agent installed. I did not change my system dns server. I may have chosen the ip address to dome shield. I do have the icon secure shopping on my desktop and when I click on it, it does open my browser ice dragon and there is a blue line around the browser. I am just wondering in the comodo guides of secure shopping, it shows a few steps to configure Secure Shopping with CIS (which I also have installed). And when I go into CIS in advance tasks there is an icon for Secure Shopping which when I click on it nothing happens. Do when have to configure anything in CIS? if we do what, because I cannot configure secure shopping in CIS, it will not let me, as I stated above.

The icon on the desktop, i can click on and it opens up to a screen where I have the option to choosing the following browsers: IE, Drageon and Ice Dragon. I chose Ice Dragon as the default. there are also three buttons on the right side of the screen keyboard icon, arrow (switch to windows) and X to close - Secure shopping. But the other thing I cannot do when ice dragons opens in secure shopping is I want to set my default page to - the screen energy program. I set in options but when I close secure shopping and reload it, it opens the site, which I do not want. Is there anyway to fix this.

thanks for your help

I think maybe either CIS or SS is corrupted, you are supposed to be able to configure secure shopping from within CIS settings. As for setting the default web page I don’t think it supposed to be changed, I don’t use SS so I’m not sure if it is allowed. If you want you can try latest beta and see if it works.

I uninstalled CIS 10 and installed CIS 11, I now see the option in CIS to configure, but when I click on the secure shopping icon on my desktop it states that Comodo Secure Shopping Service is not running. How do I get to run. Nothing has been configure in CIS yet. Do I go to windows services to start it?

please help. thanks

Yes go to windows services and check to see if it is running, if not start the service and make sure the service is set to auto start. Also what version of secure shopping is installed? Go to programs and features and look under the version column.