What is wrong with CIMA and CAMAS?? The in-built unknown sample uploader in CIS just doesnt work…It keeps telling system cant find file specified?

and whats wrong with and what about valkyrie and DACS? Has all these comodo features bitten the dust??Please COMODO fix this!!

I really love Comodo products but this is something putting me off the problems with camas and CIMA and valkyrie…

Regarding built-in uploader I got Idem that told me few days ago that they are finishing redesigning hardware infrastructure.
Valkyrie I don’t know…but works just great :-TU

Awesome spywar!! Keep me posted about the built-in uploader and other stuff from CIS.I may return to Comodo once they fix the in-built uploader. :slight_smile:

No problem I’ll keep forum updated about latest infos I get.

Thanks Alot! Been rambling around 360 or Comodo?? :-TU