does cid work under win 7 pro 32 bit? after install an error message appears, something is missing/ try reinstalling. DRAGON does work. Other firefox based browsers also do not work. solution please.

CID is native compiled 32-bit. It runs on my Win7 Home Premium 64-bit platform.

That notwithstanding, you want to ensure any 32-bit app gets installed in the Program Files (x86) folder; the other folder is exclusively for native 65-bit software.

:o Dunno what the prollem is with your Mozilla based browser installations.

:-La Perhaps do a nuke uninstall, run CCleaner and do a registry clean. It should work flawlessly - I can’t imagine why not - unless something is horked-up. Also, when you do the nuke uninstall, you want to maker sure that all the Mozilla folders are poofed.