I was searching the internet for which browser has the most/best security It was between IE, GC, and FF. Since Comodo both have copy browsers for both FF (Ice Dragon) and GC (CD), I was just wondering if you could tell me which browser is the most secure? Should I go with Ice Dragon or Comodo Dragon or does it not matter because they are both from Comodo?

I think it is more important to have Windows, Flash Player , Adobe Reader and Java updated to the latest as they are the most common attack vectors for malware.

In my view the differences between browsers are of lesser importance.

  Chrome has a safer PDF viewer than Adobe so I have their browser set to open all PDFs and no Adobe installed.   Chrome corrupts flash with it's built in AND the supported  for IE flash(pepperflash) plugin stepping on each other. Run CD without flash installed. An option during the initial install.     Use it for PDF.       I do have to say the Comodo version of these browsers has been much more buggy than the original versions in my experience. I don't use them.    Though my chrome is always crashing flash and CD would not have that SECURITY vulnerability. It would be better than regular Chrome by that reasoning.   I use IE for Silverscript(netflix). Nothing else. No bookmarks nothing. Maybe I should try FF for better flash.   Each browser is better at something.  Bookmarks seem to be a source of slow down if not vulnerability. So I use Lastpass to go to websites and have NO bookmarks.  All the browsers work faster less buggy that way. Additionally the new tab tiles is way to go to sites quick without bookmarks.  Chrome is set to allow temp data only. Very fresh and no mysterious behavior that way.
  I talked myself into CD. But am surprised it doesn't have PDF plugin of it's own.   I use it as a business browser. Entertainment on the other browsers.

I have used both CD and CID and I find CD to be a better browser in general. I am hoping that with the release of 15 that will change.