CID virtual-mode icon

Hello! Where can I find the CID virtual-mode icon for desktop as for CD Chromium? I don’t really want to pass by the button in CID every time…
Thanks in advance for your attention.

Hi and welcome bubomax,
You can right click the existing desktop icon and select ‘Run In Comodo Sandbox’.

To create a desktop icon for CID to run in virtual mode, follow the steps in the link below and select Create a virtual desktop shortcut in step 3.
Running Browsers Inside Sandbox

The ‘IceDragon.exe’ file is found in the following folder by default.
C:\Program Files\COMODO\IceDragon

Hope that helps.

Great! It worked just fine! Thanks a lot captainsticks, you really helped me and sorry for the trouble.
Have a nice day.

You are welcome.
Kind regards.