CID v50.0.0.2 won't install on XP

v50.0.0.2 won’t install on my XP box via auto update or offline installer. I’ve run both system file checker and check disk. I’ve uninstalled CID saving my profile and it still won’t install. I have no problem installing v48 or v49 offline. It seems like the installer for v50 tries to start but never gets off the ground.

Has support for XP ended? Any thoughts?

Attachment contains pictures of error.

Thanx for this post. :cry:

I was going to aks the very same qwexion; I had a client that had AVG ■■■■ on their Mozilla install. I discovered that it was unfixable, and they’d been rolling Mozilla forward since v26 I knew that I was going to install IceDragon to fix their problem.

Voila: c0000005 error on the latest installer launch for CID v50.0.0.2 - but v45x installer started perfectly - so seems like v49 is EotR for XP users. :cry:

The good thing is I have a profile backed up with FEBE for v45 that I can carry forward to v49 with all the goodies - extensions / plugins - that should carry forward and update to v49 and after that they’re stuck on v49. But its Comodo so all’s good, eh? 8)

They’ll be good with that on XP SP3 with P4 3600 platformed box until the cows come home.

So where do I find a copy of CID v49?

Go here to get CID v49: