CID v45 instablity - xCthousand5 ERR - when another application runs

I’m fairly happy with latest ver of CID; all the stuff that’s been obsoleted in the base FF code is available by implementing Classic this, that, or whatnot plug-ins, and all that I don’t like has been thrown under the gasoline tanker and tasted its own blood before it died. :o

BUT, the foregoing notwithstanding, CID does have a propensity for instability: it crashes when BOINC Einstein@Home WU begin to be crunched, or have recently been crunched - left in memory - and another project begins execution withing BOINC purview. Otherwise its as happy as a pig in a slop factory for days on end; my machine is operational 24/7/4.3/12.

CID may get a bit squirrely when I have more than 800 tabs open simultaneously and usually the most serious manifestation is with image GFX quirks. To this end I’ve tweaked CID to minimize its memory footprint using the available tweaks, whatnot, and all that, found on the interwebs .

FWIW: Einstein@Home hardly ever crashes. Every once in a great while, Rosetta may also. Atypically - 99% of the time - when they crash it will be within the first 5 minutes of initiating crunch. All other times they may execute for as much as 7 hours - out of anticipated 40+ hours completion - before crashing. The next 5 WU may crunch 50 hrs each before another crash. But I’m sharing with 10 other projects, so time between crash of these particular BOINC projects may entail time of weeks and even months.

WHEN CID crashes, invariably it can be discerned in the BOINC log that a Einstein@Home WU has begun to crunch, or an Einstein WU left in memory while another project(s) preempted execution and took over CPU resources for awhile.

I s’pose that it could be a RAM prollem, but I NEVER get an exception when unpacking compressed files. Ever.

The OTHER thing I notice, sometimes when GFX-card DPMS has affected influence on the monitor display, i.e., black screen, it may take 10 minutes for CID to become responsive. I see the CID process using 100% CPU and yet CID itself is unresponsive but everything else in Windows works fine. I usually just snooze BOINC and let CID ‘wake up’ and then it’ll be good for hours. THAT particular issue is typical when I’ve some 700+ tabs open. So I close off a hundred or so and its good to go for a while.

CID v45 is implemented on a hardware platform consisting of a TUV4X supporting a Intel P3 1400S CPU - 1.450v nominal @1536 w/ 1.500v - and 3x 512MB Infineon / Mosel Vitelic PC133 SDRAM @3.66v, @1:1 CPU/mem-clock on a Win2003 R2 platform with 1GB fixed-size pagefile.sys on C: - primary partition HDD0 - and 2GB minimum pagefile.sys on primary partition of HDD1

I’ve been meaning to post this blurb for a while now.

So far :-TU