CID update changes update config param

I hadn’t checked this until now, but it apparently in CID v49 the update parameter gets altered to update automatically.

I’ve been using v49 since release of that version and as soon as I changed that config param: I gots the download button in the update bar of the browser.


So I did FEBE backup and then clicked the download button. The update failed or whatnot; when I relaunched my custom profile CID launcher icon, the home page loaded - with all of my custom extensions / plugins - however, the home page loaded and I could not reload the previous session.


I lost 970 tabs and all the associated tab-history. >:(

So I had to launch the other session profile icon, and then restore FEBE profile into the other profile; you can’t restore FEBE backed up profile into the current profile. Then I was able to launch the custom profile launcher icon and choose: restore previous session and I gots all 970 of my tabs back. :a0

I do recall that it axe me about installing Comodo A/V cloud thingy. Other than that I’m pretty much golden.