CID Problems- version 20.0.1

I reinstalled CID here are the results:

  1. My Roboform Toolbar is now OK but still all black in 20.0.1- can’t read it (no problem in current version of Firefox).

  2. Free Download Manager Plugin installs in 19.0.1 but will not install in 20.0.1.

  3. NoSquint Extension is not available for either 19.0.1 or 20.0.1 (but is installed in current version of Firefox).

OS: Windows 8 Pro, 64 bit

Bit Defender AV 2013


Again, none of these problems exist in current version of Firefox.

  1. known problem.
    2.3. Have you tried to reinstall the plug-ins?

These black strange icons and there are plugins.
Drag them from the Toolbar.