CID not responding

W7 sp1 using MS security essentials
someties especially soon after loading CID any request to go to new site gets a not responding message and screen goes opaque for some time (variable) it will eventually resolve and proceed normally.

Have used third party virus/malware scans and comodo system utilities some registry errors reported and resolved but problem is still current

My first thought would be to disable Comodo DNS - if being used - see if it makes any difference. The option, in IceDragon, can be found under Options/Advanced/Enable Malware Domain Filtering (Comodo Secure DNS). If you’ve installed CIS you may have also selected to enable Comodo DNS system wide.

Failing that, check the error console - Ctrl+shift+J - for any related errors, you could also open the web console - Ctrl+shift+K - and watch the display whilst attempting to connect.