CID not able to access the update server

Since lately I have been having issues with Comodo not automatically updating CD, I daily check my browsers for updates. The last couple of days I receive an error “checking for update for Ice Dragon failed…please try later.” Later never comes… ;D


Please check if the IceDragon update service is running on your system (you should see an icedragon_updated.exe process running).
Also send us the “icedragon_updater” log file found at this location %windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder.

Thank you.

Updater service not running in tasks

[11.09.2012 14:55:42:664|000130|LogState]
[11.09.2012 14:55:42:664|000130|LogState]
[11.09.2012 14:55:42:674|000130|LogState]
[11.09.2012 14:55:42:674|000076|LogState] Service start version:
[11.09.2012 14:55:42:684|000971|DoServiceUpdateLoop] CD Module >> .\IceDragon_Update_API.cpp ( 971 @ DoServiceUpdateLoop ) returned 2
[11.09.2012 14:55:42:694|000130|LogState]
[11.09.2012 14:55:42:694|000092|LogState] Service has woken up version:
[11.09.2012 14:56:04:676|000108|LogState] Start downloading ini file with user-agent from : url
[11.09.2012 14:56:04:686|000144|LogState] Finished downloading ini file
[11.09.2012 14:56:04:686|000144|LogState] Current version up to date!
[11.09.2012 14:56:04:766|000138|LogState] Update state value changed to: 0 (STATE_ALL_UP_TO_DATE)
[11.09.2012 14:56:04:776|000116|LogState] Service went to sleep version:
[11.09.2012 15:14:35:344|000084|LogState] Service stop version:
[11.09.2012 15:15:25:855|000130|LogState]
[11.09.2012 15:15:25:887|000130|LogState]
[11.09.2012 15:15:25:887|000130|LogState]
[11.09.2012 15:15:25:887|000076|LogState] Service start version:
[11.09.2012 15:15:25:887|000971|DoServiceUpdateLoop] CD Module >> .\IceDragon_Update_API.cpp ( 971 @ DoServiceUpdateLoop ) returned 2
[11.09.2012 15:15:25:933|000130|LogState]
[11.09.2012 15:15:25:933|000092|LogState] Service has woken up version:
[11.09.2012 15:15:58:584|000144|LogState] Version ini file already checked
[11.09.2012 15:15:58:600|000144|LogState] Current version up to date!
[11.09.2012 15:15:58:834|000138|LogState] Update state value changed to: 0 (STATE_ALL_UP_TO_DATE)
[11.09.2012 15:15:58:849|000116|LogState] Service went to sleep version:


The entries in the log indicate that the service is running (all entries have yesterday’s date).
We would like to see the entire log file since this selection of the log does not indicate any error occurring. There should be 2 log files, one is called icedragon_updater.exe" and the other one “icedragon_updater.exe.logold”. Please attach both files to your post so we can examine them.

Thank you.

Hi Cyberfox007,
To see the icedragon_updater service in Task Manager you have to show Processes from all users.

I copied and pasted everything from that one directory. IF you would like the other info please tell me how to access it.

I’ll add the steps you can follow to upload the files we need.

  1. Click the reply button on this thread.
  2. Click the Additional Options button (below the input box);
  3. Click the Choose File button;
  4. Navigate to the following location on your system: %windir%\Temp\ComodoLogsFolder;
  5. Identify the two IceDragon log files: icedragon_updater.exe and icedragon_updater.exe.logold;
  6. Attach one of the files to your post and click the more attachments link.
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add the second file.