CID no copy/paste images

I have CID running on one pc under Win 7 Pro (pc A)
I have CID running on another pc under Win 7 Pro (pc B).

The configuration on both is exactly the same…or so I think…

I use frequently the copy/paste function to copy text and images from sites to Word.
That works perfectly on pc B, but on pc A, no paste from images.
It’s a little pain because both machines are used for a very specific category of topics.

I went through all the settings on both machines, in CID and Win, and they are exactly the same.
Obviously I’m missing or overlooking something.

Any idea were to look ?

(the copy/paste feature was working in previous versions. If an update should cause the problem, one would expect the same problem on both machines…)


Hi JeanWM,
It appears some individual systems are also having this issue with FF V22, an IceDragon update may solve this issue.
Can’t copy and paste from Firefox 22.0 anymore-Mozilla Support

In the mean time the keyboard shortcuts may function as a workaround at least for text.
Editing Options-IceDragon Help
Ctrl+C = copy.
Ctrl+V = paste.

Kind regards.