CID is officially dead.

Since too long time no new CIS version will CIS be next?
Is CID team merged with CIS team to extend CIS’ life?

Good questions. 88)

Hi CISfan,

CIS is not going to disappear at any case, the team is working on the <a href=;msg905525#msg905525">List of current bugs.
We can understand your expectation about CIS development.
We will update you once we get any information from the team regarding list of current bugs/announcement on new CIS release.


This topic has been raised multiple times in various threads . . .

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I cannot see the CID section of forum.
Also there is a section I previously saw “Discontinued Products”, this one also disappeared from the forum list ?

For @CISFan, just use Firefox instead. No need to write everywhere same question and things. It will be considered as spamming.

Just use Firefox, if you want old Firefox like browser. Use Pale Moon. These 2 regularly get updates.

Thanks for the reminder Ploget. I am fairly sure we users have no intention of ‘poisoning’ or ‘injecting’ this subject into other topics, however we are showing legitimate concern regarding the future of CIS due to the lack of a CIS release in more than 9 months, and now seeing another one of Comodo Products such as IceDragon being discontinued after being also in a long time without a release, and with its entire subforum throwed under the bag of the ‘discontinued products’ section, without any kind of announcement from Comodo, does not look good, we can’t help but worry about CIS having the same fate.

Coming daily into the Forums for that many months and seeing no new CIS release, I have to say that things are not looking good. We users are worried. :frowning:

It is reassuring however to hear from C.O.M.O.D.O RT that development continues on. Maybe until March things will get better with a new CIS release. We can only hope. Let’s hope in the next few weeks/months a new CIS version will be delivered. :-TU

I seem to remember a few months before Christmas that no plans where in place to shelve CIS. Why the panic?


CID always lagged behind Firefox. Structurally it couldn’t be otherwise.

If the team that was working on CID switches to the other web functions (CSS, web filtering, ISE and COS) it could strengthen CIS.

In adversity this could be a positive point.

Here they are: Comodo Forum

There were a lot of redundant Topics and Threads ‘cluttering up’ the Forum Index and the main subjects of importance. Admin moved and cleared out the extraneous matters

Slightly !ot!

@Ploget could the board for Comodo One Home Edition be moved to the Discontinued section as the landing page does not even exist anymore it points to the main Comodo home page.

Agreed :-TU and do not worry from now on here is off topic section :P0l

Comodo AdBlocker is discontinued and links are dead on homepage as well. The extensions got the updates in 2016 :frowning:

Another one is Comodo Web Inspector… it is discontinued or changed into another service.

Please move them to proper place. For the sake of clean forum place.

I thought I had posted in off topic section but notifying the policy message I started to believe I posted in wrong section.

Hello C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

Thank you for your feedback, very much appreciated.

Hello C.O.M.O.D.O RT,

Please allow me to ask the following questions just to take away the rumors found elsewhere on this forum. I hope that you can give answers to my questions.

Does your above feedback also apply to CIS free version for home personal use?
Or are you referring only to CIS paid version for corporations or enterprises?

Thank you.

Hi CISfan,

Both CIS free and CIS paid versions are not gonna disappear/discontinue.
As i already said that we reported the list of current bugs to the developers and they are working on it.
We will keep you posted.


I am a firefox fan :stuck_out_tongue:

The only small problem now is to find these developers, isn’t it? :wink:

That’s great to hear, thank you C.O.M.O.D.O RT.

CIS is alive and getting better and better, looking forward to the future releases. :-TU


honestly i hope cis is not abandoned…