CID failing to load videos after installing free comodo antivirus

recently installed comodo antivirus which also installed comodo dragon. going on-line to youtube using ice dragon, resulted in stated problem. when i exited ice dragon and opened dragon, returning to youtube and viewing a video, all worked well, but, media downloader blocked download.

Sounds like a PrivDog prollem. Its a browser privacy plug-in that comes with either CIS, Google Chrome based Dragon, or FF v26 based Ice Dragon.

The big prollem with PrivDog breaking web-site functionality will be with 3rd party widgets. When PrivDog blocks them, typically to restore web-page functionality you have to create an exception for the web-page having the issue. PrivDog blocked Adnetworks & Trackers shouldn’t break functionality of a web-page. But dunno, I’m not betting your family’s homestead on that one.